Free Nursery Grant

Under the current UK Government scheme, your child is entitled for to up to 15 hours of free nursery education when they turn 3 years old. You can use your free nursery grant at private nurserys to give your child two full days in nursery giving them the opportunity to play and socialise with other children of a similar age. The nursery grant also gives your three year old the chance to get used to playing away from mum, get them used to a school like structure with playtime story time, siniging and of course snack time. A 15 hours free nuresery education grant for your little one will also give you as a mum your first found time to yourself since your baby was born. The free nursery grant will give you extra time with your youngest baby, extra shopping time and gathering family essentials, or perhaps a little "Me Time" allowing you to lunch with your friends. The free nursery grant would also allow you to work a few extra hours bringing some extra money into the household at no extra cost. Your child is being well cared for in a structured and caring nursery environment for 15 free hours a week.

By the age of three many children are ready for that extra stimulation, being around other children learning how to be together in a sharing and caring environment. Children love to play together and watch eachother, thats how they learn! You can guarantee if you are walking past another little one with your child, both children will stare at eachother until they are out of site! Kids are intrigued by eachother, they know they are the same they are very interested in watching one another that is ultimately how they learn. Therefore the free nursery grant scheme is more then just a chance to give parents a break, its a chance to get your child ready for mainstream nursery! A chance for your child to meet and play with other children. Click on a link on this page to learn more about the free 15 hours nursery grant available for your little one when they turn 3 years old.